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Happy Christmas from all of us at The Grange

December 07

Dear All,

Wishing you all a very happy Christmas. I hope you're looking forward to all the things you love best about the holidays and that you're managing to let the pressures pass you by. We're going out for our 'office' party tonight at Pavarottis, the Italian restaurant in Shanklin's Old Village which should be fun. The Old Village has a fairy-tale quality to it at this time of year and we've just put up our Christmas tree so we'll be getting in the mood.

You may have received your Skyros brochure by now and you will have seen that we've been included in the brochure as an offshoot of Skyros which offers holidays in Greece, Cuba, Thailand and Cambodia. Well, the Skyros office has also been relocated to The Grange now ( We've converted one of the bedrooms at the front into a temporary office until we extend the bar area downstairs. So, it's all go!

You can still reach us in the same way tho', either through our website or you can reach Jenni, Yannis or myself on 01983 867 644. You can also email

We've updated our website with our 2008 programme of courses which begins over Valentine's weekend with Cuban Salsa which is great for both singles and couples. We also have other weekend courses in art, writing, yoga and more. Check the range of courses and available dates on and select courses.

Well, wishing you a happy time and looking forward to welcoming you to The Grange in 2008.

With best wishes,
Christine, Yannis & Jenni

The Grange
Isle of Wight