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Where to start?! Lovely house, found another good walk to do and good food. Most importantly a forum to connect with people in a meaningful way. Very heartening to talk with others with not dissimilar issues.
Roslyn : 29-12-15 02:36pm
Warm & friendly - a luxury to have fresh coffee on tap all day - family atmosphere.
Caroline : 29-12-15 02:33pm
A warm and friendly and fun few days.
Chris P : 29-12-15 02:33pm
I had a lovely time; really great place with friendly staff and an excellent way of meeting like minded people. I'd thoroughly recommend it.
Claire P : 29-12-15 02:32pm
The Grange has an enigmatic, engaging and enchanting atmosphere. This encourages structure, security and self development. Professional and experienced facilitators and excellent location and facilities complete the journey.
David : 29-12-15 02:31pm
Alison & Andrew - individually and together - are highly skilled in their respective fields and have the warmth of heart and the easy sociability that made for a wonderful Christmas. Thank you!
Eugenia : 29-12-15 01:04pm
Food excellent as always. Loved the subdued Christmas music in the background - very soothing. Fun exercises I took part in
Paul : 29-12-15 01:01pm
Very special Christmas break.
Bill : 29-12-15 12:59pm
Beautiful, peaceful, warm and cosy retreat. Lovely, lovely people, near to cosy, quirky pubs and cafes.
Helen : 29-12-15 12:58pm
It's a fantastic place but the details make it really special: comfy beds, books, the garden, a real fire, great pillows, good quality cutlery, proper toilet paper (sounds daft - but really counts!).
Mary : 16-11-15 12:41pm
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